The Band

Chris Hernandez, Melissa Davaz, Aaron Owens, Derek Puhlmann and Jesse Hughey love music. Well read backwoods children of the 90’s, they come from operatic punk and indie jazz schooling citing influences as far reaching as Charles Mingus, Blitzen Trapper, Point Juncture, WA, and Uncle Tupelo. Their music hints at years spent inside of headphones and in the back corner of record stores; their outfits speak of romantic dreams of crosscut saws. Hailing from the northwest coast from Alaska, Oregon and Montana, the band formed in the Willamette Valley in 2007. In 2008 they recorded a 5 track acoustic EP which was packaged in duct tape, hello my name is stickers, and cereal box sleeves.


With the release of their first EP, JRP signed to independent Alaskan label Home Skillet Records in the spring of 2008.


In January of 2010, after a few years of refinement and shows everywhere between San Francisco and Southeast Alaska, the band moved into the studio to record a full-length album showcasing their developed sound. The resulting album, entitled “Over Wires and White Plains” was released in Portland, Or on May 15th.


On October 26th, 2013 JRP will release their second full length record, Pale Road.


The Music

“Jack Ruby Presents’ “Over Wires and White Plains” is a record fraught with specters and spirits of other breeds, mostly the ones you tip back in attempts to forget. It’s evocative of an America both contemporary and archaic, postcards from a time when a thirsty earth found no bounty and the subjects of murder ballads were still at large.” – Cory Frye, Gazette Times Entertainer

Source: http://www.gazettetimes.com


“A sound that hearkens to the early 20th century of an agrarian way of life in tension with an increasingly rapid pace. Amid the reminiscence of simpler times come the dark strains of a socio/political shift in our collective consciousness. A time of rampant injustice in rural areas where life is supposed to be sweeter. Jack Ruby Presents brings those elements together to form a complex and passionate commentary of the way things were, in some ways still are, and indeed how some things never change. It’s pretty, dark… human in its defiant joy.” – Paul Huppert

Source: http://calapooiabrewing.com/


“[Over Wires and White Plains] spans 12 songs of haunted legends, late night drunken blues, heartbreak and home. The band seems to float through the upbeat tunes with a welcoming elegance and sink to the dirty depths of the soul on the more sorrowful numbers. The ability of the band to inhabit these polar opposites with such sincerity is equal parts fascinating and rare.” – Graham Doody, Oregon Music News

Source: http://oregonmusicnews.com/


“There is something about their music that just fits for me. Like an old hoodie, it seems to cuddle my soul into the Pacific Northwest’s glorious dank. I like their playing, I love their lyrics.” – Stanley Tollett, The Corvallis Alchemist

Source: http://www.corvalchemist.com/


“They take risks, drawing inspiration from folk Americana, in the tradition of Guthrie and Dylan, yet neither of the two seem apt descriptions; the music is infused it with the sounds of the roots of rock and roll, a twist of modernity. They sing songs of whiskey, of death, of grimey cities full of lights on beautiful summer nights. They pay tribute to the Western sense of adventure in pine-filled woods and a greater consciousness, of Southern lynchings, of travels in London and Antwerp.” – Jordan Jacobo, Linfield Review

Source: http://linfieldreview.com


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Sara Hernandez [The House Organ] jrpbooking@gmail.com
Tim Cowan [The House Organ]
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